Saturday, January 29, 2011

Island Water Protection

Just wanted to share these resources from the Nantucket Land Council for Nantucket Island residents that educates about the link between their sandy soil, their water quality and pesticides/fertilizers.  I hope there might be interest at Sandy Island in promoting awareness of the ecology of Sandy's water-well field and sewer system.

I especially like the information on Nantucket Island's Watersheds and Water Protection

"The Nantucket Land Council has mapped all the watersheds on Nantucket. You can find out which body of water, for example Madaket Harbor or Hummock Pond, the water under your house is flowing toward. Call us for a watershed map & brochure, or see it online at"  She the
Watershed Map:


Your Lawn, Our Water
When rain falls, or when you irrigate your garden, excess fertilizers and pesticides will leach down into our sandy soils, eventually flowing into the ocean, a harbor, a pond or a drinking water well. The direction of the water flow on your property determines which “watershed” area you live in.