Thursday, December 3, 2009


This past summer Sindy Hempstead joined her family at Sandy Island.  Thanks to Sindy we now have a comprehensive Sandy Island Plant Inventory that captures the exciting variety of Sandy Island's natural environment.

Sindy spent the week creating a fascinating list of Sandy's trees, bushes, shrubs, ferns, moss, seedlings and saplings in five different areas:  East Shore North of the Lodge, the Micro-burst area, North Shore, Central Forest, and Southeast Corner/South Shore.
No one has looked so closely or so scientifically at our island since 1998 when students from the University of New Hampshire Department of Natural Resources did an ecology audit of Sandy
While the Latin names are like tongue twisters, many of the English names are familiar friends such as Eastern Hemlock, Paper Birch, Red Maple and American Beech.

Many other names sound intriguingly strange-- Hop-sedge, Pipewort, Tall Rattlesnake-Root, Meadowsweet, Jewelweed, Daisy-fleabane, Boneset, Joe-pye-weed and many more.  The list notes if a plant was native to Sandy and how rare or abundant each was.  I’ve already spent several happy hours googling to find images so I can seek out them out next summer.

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